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10 Great Yoga Quotes

10 Great Yoga Quotes

Yoga is so much more than just the physical act of stretching. Much of what we learn from yoga comes from the practice of mindfulness and allowing our movement to change our state of mind. Use the ten quotes below for inspiration, empowerment, and enlightenment. Get moving!  

1. Yoga has given me the space to understand that every part of me is necessary. Everything is exactly as it needs to be. And what needs to be silenced are the voices that make me feel otherwise. -Jessamyn Stanley  

2. Pushing through resistance lets us see what’s on the other side. -Seane Corn  

3. Yoga is a practice of self-inquiry.  -Nicole Cardoza  

4. One great benefit of yoga is that it increases our ability to pay attention to things that are increasingly subtle. -Annie Carpenter  

5. A lot of times, it’s the limitations that become the teachers. In some ways, the teachers become your own body, mind, and breath. -Rodney Yee  

6. Whatever our limits are in range of motion, no matter how small or how big, within that range of motion, there’s an infinite amount of space to explore. -Rodney Yee  

7. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have three out of four of your limbs; it doesn’t matter if you’re fat, short, tall, male, female, or somewhere in between. None of that matters. All that matters is that we’re human and trying to breathe together. -Jessamyn Stanley  

8. Yoga is here for us to cultivate power and transcend our limitations, personally and socially. -Susanna Barkataki  

9. The very thing that I learned through yoga, that is essential to my ability to wake up every morning, is the breath. In yoga, my practice allows me to appreciate each breath and each moment. I realized that everything counts. Every breath, thought, word, and action counts in my practice and in my world. When I take time to appreciate the breath, I make space for an appreciation of life.  -Chelsea Jackson Roberts  

10. If you open your heart and become like a child, you will always be blissful, always content.   -Dharma Mittra   

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